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Are you ready to Ditch the Black Dog of Depression

and unleash your passion for life?

About Maria Gaian

Official Bio

I'm an eclectic mix of writer, ecotherapist, coach, counselor, intuitive green witch, and Soul healer.

I'm also a certified herbalist, horse assisted coach and advanced hypnotherapist.

I call myself a metaphysical mental wellness mentor cos I stand at the crossroads where science, Soul and Spirit converge.

Through my wild and magickal circles, retreats, and programs, clients learn to heal their wounds, banish their psychological blocks and manifest an abundant happy life as free as possible from the black dog of depression.

I love seeing my clients heal the deep soul wounds that keep them trapped in a prison of depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress using Gaian Magick™ and Alchemical Ecotherapy™.

I live halfway up a magickal mountain in Spain with my Soulmate, five grown up children and a menagerie of animal companions.

You can usually find me dancing with horses, dipping my toes in the Mediterranean sea, or hiding away in my garden office creating magickal spells whilst talking to plants and setting things on fire.